You Choose...We Plan!

Pioneer Weddings and Events is a bespoke planning service tailored and customised to individual or group clients' needs.

Be it a wedding, party, anniversary, conference or any other desired event, our unique personal planning service delivers unforgettable experiences and immeasurable special moments...


With over 5 years’ experience in weddings, parties, anniversaries, festivals and events, Pioneer blends innovate creativity with strategy and process to ensure your perfect dream is achieved.


Our tailored service meets you where they are, whether you’re thinking of ideas at the start of planning, in the middle of preparations or during the approaching weeks of your event to faithfully support your vision.

If you’re thinking of using Pioneer Weddings and Events, our service starts with an initial 2-hour consultation.

This gives you an opportunity to share all your ideas or your preparations before deciding

if you would like to go ahead with a Co-ordinator or Planning Assistant



Your Co-Ordinator will endeavour to meet your expectations with attention to detail, flair and fun. Whether hiring services, sourcing venues or setting up meetings, this particular Pioneer service is perfect for individuals, couples or groups looking for full support in creating a successful and outstanding wedding or event!


Fees range from £800 to £6,000 with up to 15 months co-ordination.

Planning Assistant


Your Planning Assistant will meet with you fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly to keep track of things to ensure your event is progressing in the right direction. This specific Pioneer service is perfect for individuals, couples or groups already in the process of organising their Wedding or Event and need just that extra help, tips or advice to see things through to the end.


Fees include:

£30/hour once every two weeks

£40/hour once every month

£60/hour once every two months


Whichever service you choose, it’s all about You - your desires are our best interests and we will give you our complete commitment and dedication! We know that organising a Wedding or Event on any scale can be stressful but we want to relieve any pressure and make your whole experience totally and truly Special.


Contact us by emailing if you would like to book Pioneer Weddings & Events.