Pioneer Arts is a production company producing innovative and exciting original theatre, film and television.


With a reach into both commercial and community sectors, Pioneer Arts

keeps creativity at its heart to deliver with excellence and integrity.

Pioneer Arts have produced and premiered new writing across London at venues including the Other Palace, Phoenix Artist Club, Cockpit Theatre, Park Theatre, the Arts Theatre and the Theatre Café in the heart of the West End.

Take a look at original musicals, including CASES, Legend, Rosemary Lane and Date 1 to 10, featured screen project Versus alongside a range of media and ways to support our journey towards pioneering arts globally.


Dominic Powell is a committed theatre and television performer, writer, composer, director and producer and founded Pioneer Arts in 2012.

After training in musical theatre at the BRIT School, Dominic trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, studying Theatre Practice: Performance Arts.

"Pioneer Arts thrives in multi-disciplinary art with a focus in storytelling. Whether writing a play or composing a musical ensemble number, the initial parts of our creative process will always involve asking “What is the story” or where does this piece of creation (character, song, scene) fit into the overarching story.

Our approach involves building strong personal relationships with fellow artists, creatives and producer in order to foster effective collaboration and enhance their own development.

In reflection, our love for people and psychology flows through the way we develop character and ground our stories in pseudo-realism. From single-character stories, to narratives with small groups of characters and and large ensembles, introspection and inter-connection is present throughout our work where we explore the reality of personalities clashing, harmonising and connecting.

Our composition for theatre hails our heritage of gospel and urban styles such as RnB and hip hop which combine with classical training and influences including the detailed approach of Stephen Sondheim and the heavily thematic styles and jazzy motifs Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken employ.


The stage will always be our artistic home having been a life-long affection for the intrinsic use or combination of drama, song, movement to tell a story through live performance. In the realm of musical theatre, we believe in productions that are sophisticated, innovative, challenging and most importantly engaging, whether emotionally or through entertainment. Our goal is to pioneer a good degree of abstraction and innovation, emphasising diverse theatricality in musical theatre beyond an emphasis on song and movement.

The screen has become the well-lived, warmly refurbished annex to our artistic home of the stage. We love the visual approach to developing characters and story when writing for television and film and find the process of creating formats and constructing series fascinating adventures."


Dominic Powell

Artistic Director